Auction 027_5

Lavorazione metalli

5° Experiment •Auction with deposit • Roma • Meccanics

Closed auction

Asta Online macchinario a controllo numerico per la piegatura di tubi.

NOME ASTA: Lavorazione Metalli


Assuming that:

  • Logicbid Srl acts as a simple intermediary providing a trading platform that offers its users the opportunity to submit bids for auctions published here on the website
  • does not have possession of the goods offered for sale or sold through the platform;
  • does not transfer the ownership of the objects from the seller to the buyer;
  • is not responsible for the content published on the portal, as all the information and images relating to the goods being sold are provided directly by the owner;
  • is not involved in the sale, which takes place exclusively between sellers and buyers: the sale contract is therefore concluded directly between the buyers and sellers.

A)-Auction duration::

Start: 03/06/2019 CET
Deadline: 17/06/2019 CET

B) Requirements for viewing:

Visiting dates: 07/06/2019 15:00:00

For booking visits and more details: - tel +39.0522.1753275

C)-Security deposit:

The auction is subject to a security deposit of EUR 400.

The deposit must be paid by:
1) online credit card (Banca Sella circuit)
2) Bank transfer to the following bank account:
Banca Nazionale Del Lavoro
Agenzia di Reggio Emilia
IBAN : IT 67 L010 0512 8000 0000 0003 539
payable to : LOGICBID SRL
purpose : (auction code 027)

  • The deposit must be credited before the end of the auction.
  • Once the deposit has been credited, the user will be allowed to participate in the auction.
  • To speed up participation in the auction, the user is strongly recommended to send a scanned copy of the payment with the CRO code to the address:
  • If the participants in the auction do not win any goods, the deposit will be refunded within 7 days from the deadline of the auction, without interest.


The refund of deposits paid by credit card will be made within 7 working days and will be the responsibility of our office to officialize the authorization to release the amount to Banca Sella. The amount will, therefore, be made available again by the credit card issuer according to its timing and methods. For further details, we recommend that you contact the Card Assistance Service of your card issuer.
In the case of deposits paid by bank transfer, for the actual crediting to the account, should be considered the normal times of banking transactions of this type.
If in the event of an award, after the deposit has been paid, the tenderer does not complete the purchase, and the deposit shall be retained.

D)-Lots Award:

At the end of the auction, for the best bids received below the reserve price (assuming there are reserve prices) the award will be subject to approval by the buyer.

E)-Payment method

All award payments must be made exclusively by bank transfer. The details will be specified either at the time of registration or upon receipt by the user of the communication of award (see general conditions).

F)-Term for payment

The lots awarded by the user must be paid by 20/06/2019 (see the general conditions of the auction - - paragraph E "Methods of payment")

G)-Conditions for withdrawal

Closing date for collection: 24/06/2019 CET


In order to optimize the collection service, LOGICBID SRL will inform the successful bidders by e-mail of a date and time during which they may collect the lots.

The date and time of collection will be communicated after payment of the amounts due in respect of the lots awarded. LOGICBID SRL may change the date and time of collection at its sole discretion.

During the disassembly and collection of its Lot(s), the Buyer is required to follow the instructions of Logicbid Srl and/or the persons appointed by them, in accordance with the safety regulations in force.

In some auctions, the successful bidder is required to pay service charges for collection, which will, in any case, be specified in the lot sheet under the heading "Dismantling and Loading Cost".

Successful bidders will be required to respect the date made available.
In the event that the successful bidder can not provide the withdrawal on the day and at the specified time must notify it by email ( as soon as possible, the successful bidder may request to be admitted to withdraw, exceptionally on days and times other than those scheduled, in which case, a daily refund of the amount of 150.00 euros will be required.

All lots not collected by the deadline will be subject to a daily penalty of EUR 50.00. In the event that the goods are not collected within 30 days after the final date for collection, the sale will be deemed automatically settled and the amounts paid by the successful bidder will be retained as a penalty payment. LOGICBID SRL is not obliged to deliver any lot or to organize in any way the collection and delivery of the same. The buyer is therefore responsible for any disassembly, handling, loading, and transport of the lots awarded and in the case of vehicles of transfers of ownership and related practices. LOGICBID SRL will also not make available any lot before the payment has been credited.

I)-Other specific conditions:

Buyer's Premium: A charge of 15% of the beaten price + VAT will be added to the award price of each lot (as specified in the "Total price calculator" box in every published lot).

Extra-Time: If a winning bid is made 5 minutes before the auction closes, the time to place another bid will be extended by an additional 5 minutes from the last bid received. Thus, to the bitter end, for each winning bid received within 5 minutes of extra time.

-Lots are sold seen and liked in the state they are in. Vision is strongly recommended.
In the case of machinery without CE marking the goods are intended only for sale outside the EU or to be used as spare parts without warranty and not for conventional and original use. Any adjustments to current regulations in the field of prevention, safety, ecological and environmental protection and more will be at the expense of the buyer, with exoneration of the assignor and the bodies of the procedure from any responsibility in this regard, the sale takes place with an obligation to be borne by the successful bidder to verify their compliance with safety regulations.

Consequently, the existence of any defects or lack of quality or non-compliance of the thing sold will not give rise to refund, compensation or reduction in price.

The user may submit an Offer on the Website for one and/or more Lots. Each offer is unconditional, irrevocable and without any reservation. Logicbid and/or the Seller has/have the right not to accept offers without giving any reason. Offers are net of purchase commission and VAT.

At the time of the Award, all risks relating to the Lot(s) shall pass to the Buyer.

The Buyer is responsible for ensuring that the purchased goods can be imported into the Buyer's country. If for any reason the import of the goods is refused, the buyer must nevertheless fulfill its obligations under the purchase contract.

Logicbid Srl reserves the right to withdraw items from the sale at any time.

Although all the information comes from reliable sources, Logicbid Srl does not assume any guarantee or responsibility for its correctness.

In the event of any disputes relating to the interpretation of the provisions contained in the general and specific conditions contained on the platform, possibly translated into other languages, the Italian version of the text will prevail.

Please visit our website regularly to be informed of any changes to the auctions.

Buyers premium:   15 %
View date:   07/06/2019 15:00 CET
Payment date:   no later than 20/06/2019
Pickup date:   no later than 24/06/2019
Handler:   Mirko gualerzi

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Auction code   027_5
Category   Meccanics
Experiment   5
Lots Number   1 See lots
Start Date   03/06/2019 00:00 CET
Closing date   17/06/2019 15:00 CET
Location:   Roma
Country   IT

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Proponici un tuo macchinario da vendere, grazie al portale Logic Bid sarà tutto semplicissimo!

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